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Avant-Yarde is a full service Landscape & Design company.

We provide landscaping services from patios & pavers to complete make overs of residential & commercial properties. Our team of designers, installers and landscape maintenance personnel are passionate about providing the highest level of customer service and ensuring the Avant-Yarde standard of excellence.

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Beautiful Plants that Thrive in the Full Sun and Partial Shade

Full sun partial shade

Partial-sun or partial-shade labels both mean a plant needs three to six hours of sun each day, but they carry a different emphasis. A partial-sun plant needs that amount of full sun to flourish. Partial-shade plants need protection all but those three to six hours per day. Partial-shade plants often do best when they receive direct morning sun, but stay sheltered in the afternoon. Full-shade plants perform best when they receive less than three hours of daily sun.

Plants differ in how much light they require to carry out photosynthesis. Some need as much as possible, but others are more efficient when they get less sun. Full-sun plants thrive when they receive unobstructed, direct sun all day. The more natural sun they receive, the better they do. As a minimum, plants in this category need six hours of direct, full sun each day to function effectively. If they don't receive enough sun, they often lose their normal color and fail to bloom or bear fruit.

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